Kopell B*ll*cks

Last year, FFC were getting crowds on average of 7,000. I work this out to be 7,000 x £20 = £140,000 a game. That was surely enough to play the player's wages that were in the squad... but poor old Charlie said to the F.A that his club were losing £20,000 a day!

So, with 28/5 having past, and Wimbledon being reborn, FFC has to play in front of crowds of on average 2,000, or for the last two home games: 450. I have never been strong at maths, but I can see that having less fans going to the games means that less money is coming through the turnstiles... not so, Charlie and Murdoch say:

"In the 20001/02 campaign Wimbledon was losing £20,000 a day. This has been reduced to about half that amount after the club released players and sold some of the higher earners."

Apparently they're not haemorrhaging money anymore... strange that.