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Last updated : 08 November 2002

Last year, FFC were getting crowds on average of 7,000. I work this out to be 7,000 x £20 = £140,000 a game. That was surely enough to play the player's wages that were in the squad... but poor old Charlie said to the F.A that his club were losing £20,000 a day!

So, with 28/5 having past, and Wimbledon being reborn, FFC has to play in front of crowds of on average 2,000, or for the last two home games: 450. I have never been strong at maths, but I can see that having less fans going to the games means that less money is coming through the turnstiles... not so, Charlie and Murdoch say:

"In the 20001/02 campaign Wimbledon was losing £20,000 a day. This has been reduced to about half that amount after the club released players and sold some of the higher earners."

Apparently they're not haemorrhaging money anymore... strange that.

Milton Keynes Dons Match Reports

Sky Bet League One Wed 21st February 19:45

Rochdale 0 - 0 Milton Keynes Dons

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