Ince - A Good Win

Jermaine Easter scored the only goal of the game to give The Dons a 1-0 victory at Stadium MK which took them into fourth place in the League One table.

However, the result did have it's consequences as both Dean Lewington and David McCracken picked up injuries during the match.

"We didn't play like the MK I know but when you look at the circumstances of the game, losing our centre-half and then our captain, it was a good win," Ince said after the match.

"When I look at the top two they seem to be able to pick their first 11 every week. I haven't had that luxury so far.

"When we get our injured players back and I've got 24 players to choose from we'll be able to see what we can really do.

"I'm pleased with the start we've made but I'm not getting carried away."